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Webshop mode versus Gallery mode Easiteach widgets

With the MyShoppingTab Webshop mode you can build a complete Facebook shop where your customers never have to leave your Facebook page.

Do you already have a website with a webshop? No problem! With the Gallery mode you can link the products in your Facebook shop to the exact same product on your website, creating more traffic through a different channel.

Secure Facebook shopping experience Easiteach widgets

When customers make an online purchase, they want to feel secure. With the MyShoppingTab webshop mode your customers never leave your Facebook page. Even when they process the transaction their payment is handled securely over SSL within Facebook using a number of different payment methods, including PayPal. No credit card data is ever stored on our side. You can personally define the message they receive after purchasing to explain what they can expect next.

Premade templates and default color schemes Easiteach widgets

MyShoppingTab is used within a very wide range of industries: jewelry, clothing, flowers, concert tickets ,gifts, ... Therefore we have helped our customers by creating some premade templates. We also provide a vast collection of default color schemes for a quick and easy installation of your Facebook shop which make it possible to design your shop in seconds.

Custom design Easiteach widgets

Are you not satisfied with one of our premade templates or color schemes? No problem! You can shape your shop completely to your wish. You can literally change EVERYTHING, to the smallest pixel. With our CSS Custom Designer you can easily create your dream shop. For your convenience we have created a library and tutorials to help you master easy CSS skills. Contact our team if you want help to fully customize your shop.

Unrivaled international support Easiteach widgets

We want you to be nothing less than extatically happy about our product. So you can be certain we want to quickly and effectively help you whenever you contact us. We also provide our customers with online demos and webinars to get the most out of the platform and social marketing. We also fix potential bugs as soon as possible and provide regular updates and upgrades filled with new useful features.

Category division and product sorting Easiteach widgets

If you want, you can organize your products in categories. Categories make it easy for customers to search for a specific product. While shopping in your Facebook shop, customers can simply select any category you created and see the products it contains. With easy sorting options, customers can sort the product alphabetically, according to price or date added.

Product search Easiteach widgets

Next to the organized way of categorizing the products and the sorting option, customers can also search for a specific product by giving in a search term. This result of the search term will show all products instantaneously that contain the search word in the product title or description.

Spotlight Products Easiteach widgets

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could guide your customers towards a certain purchasing decision? This is possible with MyShoppingTab's highlight features. On the frontpage of your shop you can choose to display your categories or a range of highlighted products. These products can be your bestselling products or products you desperately want to get rid of (eg. old season).

Flexible discounts and promotions Easiteach widgets

Set a promotion to run over any period you want. As shopowner you can give discounts to all users, only those that liked your page or only users that entered a discount coupon code. On the otherhand discounts can also be set to all products, certain categories or specific product items.

Detailed business and social statistics Easiteach widgets

Within the Shop manager section of your MyShoppingTab account you an analyze how well your shop is performing. Business statistics like Sold Products, Best Performing Categories, ... are shown in clear graphs.

Integrated Order Management System Easiteach widgets

At any time you can see a detailed view of orders and track them from a payment that is just made, to a product that is delivered on the customer's doorstep.

Social sharing Easiteach widgets

It is written in every marketing book. The best marketing is word-of-mouth marketing. What better way to let your fans do your marketing? Social sharing makes it possible for fans to like your products and share them on their Facebook timeline. In this way, your products will show up in the news feed of your fan's friends allowing a possible viral marketing.

Custom options Easiteach widgets

A product can have different characteristics. If you sell T-shirts, size is one of them. If you sell concert tickets, there may be a difference between regular and VIP tickets. With the custom option feature you can set different options per product.

Multiple users vs multiple shops Easiteach widgets

If you have multiple Facebook pages under your control (e.g. social media marketing agencies), you can easily create, manage and follow-up on them all from one centralized account. Please contact us for more information.

Custom solutions services Easiteach widgets

When you already have a website with an e-commerce section, you probably want your Facebook shop to have the same design. We can quickly recreate your web shop for you. You also might have specific needs in terms of features. If this is the case, don't hesitate to contact us!

Other Features Easiteach widgets
  • - Charge a shipping cost
  • - Build your store in multiple languages
  • - Extensive help articles available
  • - Disable and re-enable your shop with one click, any time
  • ...

For detailed questions feel free to contact us any time.